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000192818 1001_ $$aDanilov, Viktor Lazarevič
000192818 242__ $$aStabilization methods for applied inverse potential problems in gravity prospecting and in the theory of the figure of the earth
000192818 246_3 $$aМетоды установления в прикладных овратных задачах потенциала гравитационной разведки и теории фигуры Земли / Данилов, В. Л.
000192818 24510 $$aMetody ustanovlenija v prikladnych obratnych zadačach potenciala gravitacionnoj razvedki i teorii figury Zemli
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000192818 520__ $$aTheory and applications of methods developed by the author are given in the monograph. These methods for solving stationary inverse potential problems are based on imbedding of the problems into space of more dimensions, what allowed to reduce them to non-stationary (Cauchy) problems. Two types of inverse problems have been studied: type A, where the data besides the unknown sunface and the surface or the density of a body are to be determined, besides the unknown  sunface has no common points with data carrying boundary (inverse) problems of gravitational prospecting, and type B, where unknown surface coincides with the informational carrying one (classical problems of the theory of the earth figure). The proposed approach permits to solve the above-mentioned problems in non-linear formulation. For geophysicists, specialist in mathematical physics, and calculational mathematics, for postgraduates and students of senior courses in relating science.
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