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000193068 1001_ $$aVáclavovič, Pavel
000193068 24510 $$aOptimizing high-resolution troposphere estimates using PPP method and Benchmark data set
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000193068 5203_ $$9eng$$aCompared to the network processing mode, the PPP is the preferred method for new products because of its high efficiency when running in a fully autonomous mode, optimal exploiting available multi-GNSS observations, use of undifferenced observations related to tropospheric delays in the absolute sense, and easy support of ultra-fast (real-time) tropospheric production. Moreover, the Kalman forward filtering together with the backward smoothing enable parameters to be estimated in a high resolution compared to the batch least squares adjustment. The backward smoothing is usually employed in the post-processing mode providing results with an accuracy comparable to the traditional least squares adjustment. We utilized the smoothing in near-real-time estimates and studied the dependence of the processing delay on estimated ZTD. In case of real-time, ZTD reached the standard deviation of 10 mm, which decreased to 6 mm when the processing was 4 hours delayed. Most important advantage of this approach is, that all high-resolution parameters were estimated with the same accuracy. Another optimizations of the troposphere estimates using the Benchmark data set, such as a random walk, multi-GNSS and use of different precise products, has been studied.
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000193068 7001_ $$aDouša, Jan
000193068 7112_ $$aCOST ES1206/GNSS4SWEC 3rd Workshop$$cReykjavik, Iceland$$d03/2016
000193068 856__ $$uurn:doi:10.13140/RG.2.1.3668.6486
000193068 85640 $$uhttps://www.researchgate.net/publication/297739140_Optimizing_high-resolution_troposphere_estimates_using_PPP_method_and_Benchmark_data_set
000193068 8564_ $$uhttp://knihovna.vugtk.cz/record/193068/files/2016-dousa-optimizing--GNSS4SWEC-proc_opt.pdf
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