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000193222 24510 $$aAn oblate ellipsoidal approach to update a high-resolution geopotential model over the oceans: Study case of EGM2008 and DTU10
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000193222 5203_ $$9eng$$aThe most important high-resolution geopotential models such as EGM96 and EGM2008 have been released approximately once per decade. In light of the ability of modem satellite, airborne or terrestrial techniques to provide new data sets every year (e.g., in polar and ocean areas), these data can be readily included in existing models without waiting for a new release. In this article, we present a novel ellipsoidal approach for updating high-resolution models over the oceans with new gridded data. The problem is demonstrated using the EGM2008 model updated with DTU10 geoid and gravity grids that provide additional signal over the Arctic oceans. The result of the procedure are the ellipsoidal and the spherical harmonic coefficients up to degree 4320 and 4400, respectively. These coefficients represent the input data set to within 0.08 mGal globally, with the largest differences located at the land ocean boundaries, which is two orders of magnitude less than real accuracy of gravity data from satellite altimetry. Along with the harmonic coefficients a detailed map of the second vertical derivative of the anomalous potential (or vertical gravitational gradient) on 1 arc-min grid is anticipated to improve or complement the original DTU10 geoid model. Finally, an optimized set of Jekeli's functions is provided as they allow for computing oblate ellipsoidal harmonics up to a very high degree and order (>10,000) in terms of the hypergeometric formulation. (C) 2015 COSPAR. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
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000193222 653_0 $$aDTU10$$aEGM2008$$aHarmonic analysis$$aOblate ellipsoidal harmonics$$aEarth's gravitational field
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000193222 7730_ $$92016$$g57(1), p. 2-18$$tADVANCES IN SPACE RESEARCH$$x0273-1177
000193222 856__ $$uurn:doi:10.1016/j.asr.2015.08.024
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