Russian military mapping: A guide to using the most comprehensive source of global geospatial intelligence
Filatov, Valery N. ; Military topographic directorate of the Russian Federation Armed Forces

Signature: 51314
ISBN: 0-9742973-1-3

Published: Minneapolis : East view cartographic , 2005

Annotation: The manual contains information about the atmosphere, weather and climate, winds, time and length of day; about terrain and their effect on troop combat operations; about topographic and special maps and photographic documents. The book presents basic data shown on topographic and special maps, the procedure used by unit commanders to maintain their working maps, and the effects of meteorological elements on mission and assessmeterrain as an element of battlefield conditions. The appendices contain several types of reference data, samples of topographic and special maps and photographic documents, and conventional symbols and other information. The Manual is intended for officers of all types of troops and services, especially young unit commanders, as well as cadets and students at military schools.

Extent: 188 stran

Keywords: RFAF ; Ruská federace ; vojenské mapování
Publication type: příručka
Notes: studovna
Bibliography note: Obsahuje bibliografické údaje a rejstřík

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