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000193423 1001_ $$aHolota, Petr
000193423 24510 $$aGeodesy and Mathematics: Recent Developments in the Deep Rooted Relationship
000193423 5203_ $$9eng$$aThe paper starts with a brief overview on historical roots of geodesy. A mention is made on their relation to the peculiarities in the philosophy of the ancient Greeks, on the birth of geodetic science in France, Newtonianism, Cartesianism and on the large degree measurements conducted by the French Academy of Sciences. After this introduction the attention is paid to higher geodesy in the sixties of the 20th century. The famous two volumes of Friedrich Robert Helmert’s book “Mathematical and Physical Theories of Higher Geodesy” are mentioned and their content is discussed. Special attention is paid to mathematical topics included and tools applied. It is pointed out that the relation between geodesy and mathematics was strongly influenced by an unprecedented period of accelerated development at the turn of 50s and 60s of the last century when artificial satellites of the Earth came into play. Geodesy appeared in a new light. The mathematical and physical foundations of geodesy were visibly demonstrated. The effect on the development of theory oriented structures of the International Association of Geodesy is discussed in this connection. In more detail the process is demonstrated by the development in the IAG section on General Theory and Methodology. The process is also associated with an important material compiled in the beginning of the millennium: The IAG-Review 2000-2001 - Executive Summary. This material is commented. Some historical analogies in the development of natural sciences, mathematics and physics in particular are added. At the end still other aspects are mention. For instance in differential equations and mathematical modelling one can see a metaphor for the real world.
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000193423 653_0 $$ahistorical beginnings of geodesy
000193423 653_0 $$ahigher geodesy in the sixties of the 20th century
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000193423 653_0 $$ageneral theory and methodology
000193423 653_0 $$aIAG-Review 2000-2001 - Executive Summary
000193423 653_0 $$adevelopment of natural sciences
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