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Gravitational Atlas of Antarctica
Klokočník, Jaroslav ; Kostelecký, Jan ; Bezděk, Aleš

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The gravity anomalies/disturbancies, Marussi tensor of the second derivatives of the disturbing geopotential, represented by selected gravity field models (like EIGEN 6C4 or RET 14), the gravity invariants and their specific ratio, the strike angles and the virtual deformations (shortly the “aspects”) are computed and plotted for Antarctica together with the bedrock (under the ice) topography of Antarctica (BEDMAP 2). First, global views of the whole continent for all the aspects are presented, then many more details in latitudinal-longitudinal segments and zooms for selected regions and locations are shown as examples of the aspects. The Atlas provides a new, unusual view on Antarctica and may serve the users (geoscientists and others) to help in their various interpretations.
Keywords: Gravitational field of the Earth ; Gravity/gravitational filed models ; Gravity anomalies/disturbances ; Marussi tensor ; Gravity invariants ; Strike angles ; Virtual deformations ; Antarctica ; Bedrock topography of Antarctica

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