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Old (historical) Globe's Replicas -poster
Drozda, Jiří ; Havrlant, Jan ; Vacková, Klára

Publication type: anotace

"From digital data of Globe can be created cartons print form, from which can be printed, cut out and glued paper model of the shape of a globe. As the best shape Pentakis icosidodecahedron was selected, it consists from of 80 triangles, where 20 ones are equilateral and 60 right isosceles. It has 120 edges and 42 vertices. To generate paper globe's puzzles a specialized software was created, it generated the individual polygons specified bodies to the chosen format with the maximum use of the paper sizer, then creates a valve on the edges of polygons with the cut-out becomes agglomerated, and model created by polygons fills the image data of the old globe. Poster was presented on ICA Conference."
Keywords: globe ; paper model ; historical globe

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