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Evaluation of EGM 2008 and EIGEN-6C3stat by means of data from GNSS/leveling
Kostelecký, Jan ; Bezděch, Aleš ; Klokočník, Jaroslav

Source: Newton's Bulletin : 5.,(2015), 3-12 ISSN: 1810-8555

Publication type: články
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The global combined high-resolution gravity field models EGM 2008 and EIGEN-6C3stat are compared by means of gravity anomalies and the radial component of the Marussi tensor. The role of the GOCE gradiometry data is detected. GNSS/leveling provides independent data source to evaluate any gravity field model. We apply such data to test EGM 2008 (without GOCE measurements) and EIGEN-6C3stat (already with them). The GNSS/leveling data set is dense (1024 points) and precise (ellipsoidal height error below 2cm) but is available only over the territory of the Czech Republic with this density; this test has in turn a limited validity. The RMS of height differences between GNSS/leveling and EGM 2008 or GNSS/leveling and EIGEN-6C3stat is 3.3 cm or 4.1cm, respectively.

Citation: KOSTELECKÝ, Jan, Aleš BEZDĚK a Jaroslav KLOKOČNÍK. Evaluation of EGM 2008 and EIGEN-6C3stat by means of data from GNSS/leveling. Newton's Bulletin. Spolková republika Německo, 2015, (5), 10. ISSN 1810-8555.

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