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000193617 24510 $$aOn the combination of terrestrial data and GOCE based models in Earth?s gravity field studies: compatibility and optimization
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000193617 5203_ $$aThe aim of this paper is to discuss the impact of terrestrial and GOCE gravity field data on the combination of these two data sources in Earth?s gravity field studies. Potential theory is of key importance in this field, but the problem considered is overdetermined by nature. Therefore, methods for solving boundary-value problems are used together with optimization concepts. The compatibility of the mentioned data is examined and the integral representation of the solution is investigated. The optimized solution is first expressed by a series of spherical harmonics. Subsequently, a numerical summation technique is used to implement the respective integral kernel (Green?s function). This shows the relation between the global and the local modelling ofthe gravity field. The structure of the solution makes it possible to focus more specifically on available terrestrial data and their contribution to the optimized solution. Numerical examples and real-case studies are added.
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000193617 7001_ $$aNesvadba, Otakar
000193617 7730_ $$92015$$dParis:ESA,2015.$$gs.8$$tProceedings of 5th International GOCE User Workshop$$z978-92-9221-292-6
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