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Recent Developments in Geodetic Theory, Session G1.1, EGU General Assembly, Vienna 2016
Holota, Petr ; Nesvadba, Otakar ; Čunderlín, Robert ; Heck, Bernhard ; Sneeuw, Nico

Typ publikace: Uspořádání (zorganizování) konference

Geodesy today develops under a broad spectrum of interactions, including theory, science, engineering, technology, observation, and practiceoriented services. The scope of the session was conceived with a certain degree of freedom. Space was particularly given to contributions concerning problems of reference frames, gravity field studies, dynamics and rotation of the Earth, positioning, but also presentations, which surpass frontiers of these topics. Presentations illustrated the use of mathematical and numerical methods in solving geodetic problems and showed advances in mathematical modeling, estimating parameters, simulating relations and systems, using high-performance computations, and discussed also methods that enable to exploit data essentially associated with new and existing satellite missions. In parallel to theory oriented results examples showing the use of new methods on real data in various branches of geodetic science and practice were also a part of the session.

Citace: HOLOTA, Petr, Otakar NESVADBA, Robert ČUNDERLÍK, Bernhard HECK a Nico SNEEUW. Recent Developments in Geodetic Theory, Session G1.1, EGU General Assembly, Vienna 2016.

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