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On the detection of the Wilkes Land impact crater
Kostelecký, Jan ; Bezděk, Aleš ; Klokočník, Jaroslav

Zdroj: Earth, Planets and Space : 70. (17.8.2018), s. ISSN: 1880-5981

Typ publikace: článek v odborném periodiku
Rozsah: 21 stran

The definitive existence of a giant impact crater, two times larger than the Chixulub crater in the Yucatan peninsula, from an extraterrestrial origin, 1.6 km beneath Wilkes Land, East Antarctica, remain controversial. Here, we use the latest high-resolution gravito-topographic geopotential (SatGravRET 2014) model over Antarctica to offer a plausible confirmation of its existence. SatGravRET 2014 has a spatial resolution between 1 and 10 km at most places and included contemporary space gravimetry and gradiometry data from GRACE and GOCE, and other data including Bedmap 2 bedrock topography. We computed the gravity disturbances, the Marussi tensor of the second derivatives of the disturbing potential, the gravity invariants and their specific ratio, the strike angles and the virtual deformations to quantify the detailed geophysical features for the Wilkes Land anomaly. This set of the gravitational parameters revealed enhanced and more detailed geophysical features on the Wilkes Land Crater than previously possible only with the traditional gravity anomalies. Our findings support prior studies stating that in the Wilkes Land there is a huge impact crater/basin with detectable gravity mascon which is mostly consistent with the characteristics of an impact crater.

Citace: KOSTELECKÝ, Jan, Aleš BEZDĚK a Jaroslav KLOKOČNÍK. On the detection of the Wilkes Land impact crater. Earth, Planets and Space [online]. Spojené království Velké Británie a Severního Irska, 2018, 70(17.8.2018), 21 s. [cit. 2019-11-19]. DOI: 10.1186/s40623-018-0904-7. ISSN 1880-5981. Dostupné z:

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