Green’s Functions in Combining Terrestrial Data and Satellite-only Models for Earth’s Gravity Field Recovery
Holota, Petr ; Nesvadba, Otakar

Anotace: In gravity field studies satellite and terrestrial data complement each other. Potential theory forms the respective basis, but the problem considered is overdetermined by nature. Therefore, methods for solving boundary-value problems are combined with optimization concepts. In the first stage an implementation of Green’s function method is discussed. The approach is iterative. A transformation of spatial coordinates is used that opens a possibility for an alternative between the boundary complexity and the complexity of the coefficients of Laplace’s equation governing the solution. The solution domain is carried onto a spherical layer (domain bounded by two concentric spheres). Obviously, the structure of the Laplacian is more complex after the transformation. Nevertheless, the construction of the respective Green’s function is simpler for the solution domain transformed. The integral representation of the solution gives a better insight into the role, which the input data have in the global and the local modelling of the gravity field. Subsequently, the continuation of the solution is discussed with a particular view to its harmonic nature, analytic extension and regularity at infinity. The reasoning leads to compatibility examinations of the two data sources and to energy preserving optimization concepts considered in the paper.

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