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Jak se měří svět - astronomické a zeměměřické přístroje
Hánek, Pavel ; Hánek, Pavel

Typ publikace: uspořádání výstavy

A visitor coming to a museum to see an exhibition of instruments subconsciously expects perfect artistry and craftsmanship, or interesting design and functional solutions. They also often look forward to a sense of mystery, a sense that ‘it is beautiful and imaginative, but unfortunately, they probably will not understand it ’. The authors of the exhibition ‘How the World Is Measured’ were interested in leading the visitor away from this widely spread misconception. They instead wanted to demonstrate that measuring instruments for astronomy and geodesy function are based on surprisingly simple foundations, known since ancient times. After all, tools such as the measuring rope with knots at regular intervals or the astrolabe (a revolving map of the sky) have been used in geodetic measurement, astronomical observation and naval navigation since antiquity. Measurement with them and other aids has contributed to the emergence of astronomy and geodesy as science disciplines. The exhibition ‘How the World Is Measured’ opened at the National Technical Museum in 2021as part of the NAKI II project of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic called ‘Surveying and astronomical instruments used in the Czech lands from 16th to 20th century ’. The exhibition of two hundred interesting exhibits from the rich collections of the National Technical Museum was completed by loans from other institutions: schools, museums and observatories and also from private collectors.

Citace: HÁNEK, Pavel a Pavel HÁNEK. Jak se měří svět. 2021.

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