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Drbal, Alexandr

Zdroj: Cучасні досягнення геодезичної науки та виробництва : 1. (41), s.55-60 ISSN: 1819-1339

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The aim is to clarify the etymology of the terms “wall leveling mark” and “wall leveling benchmark” in the context of the historical sequence of the appearance of leveling networks in theUkrainian lands to present the author’s viewon these definitions in scientific reference and encyclopedic geodetic literature. To conduct a chronological study of the phenomenon of leveling wall signs of different structures and the corresponding technologies of binding to them in leveling networks, which were created in the Ukrainian lands during the XIX–XXI centuries. Pay attention to the fact that level marks and wall frames, which are valid (working) independent geodetic signs in leveling networks, due to long-term operation are carriers of important geodetic information. Method. To study the results of the analysis of historical sources, standards, reference, encyclopedic and scientific literature in the context of the analysis of the definitions of “level mark” and “wall benchmark” was used analysis of patterns of functioning of the relevant geodetic terminological units. Results. On the territory of Ukraine during the XIX–XXI centuries. Created a leveling (height) network [State Geodetic Network, experimental operation], which operates to this day. The functioning of the leveling (height) network is regulated by legislative acts and regulations. Thanks to the geo-portal of the DGM of Ukraine created by NDIGK, it is possible to obtain information about the preserved level signs. The peculiarity of the leveling (height) network is that it was created by different departments of different countries [Glushkov V.V., 2003] with different height systems and taking into account the access of Ukrainian lands to the Black Sea. All this led to the use of different designs of wall leveling signs and, accordingly, their interpretation, which is not sufficiently reflected in the geodetic reference and regulátory literature. Scientific novelty. The performed comprehensive analysis of information sources can serve as a basis for development of scientific and technical recommendations formonitoring of level signs of DGMofUkraine and will allowto reveal weaknesses of their functioning which are caused by changes in vital activity of the city environment. The practical value of the work is to solve the problem of distinguishing the production characteristics of the wall leveling mark and wall leveling benchmark, which are fixed leveling signs in geodetic networks of thickening and leveling networks to develop technical developments for inspection and updating points II, leveling networks classes and geodetic networks of thickening in the context of monitoring of geodetic points of DGM of Ukraine and their corresponding representation in the scientific and reference geodetic literature.

Citace: DRBA, Alexandr. ДОСЛІДЖЕННЯ ТЕХНІЧНИХ ХАРАКТЕРИСТИК СТІНОВИХ НІВЕЛІРНИХ ЗНАКІВ У КОНТЕКСТІ ЕТИМОЛОГІЇ ТЕРМІНІВ. Cучасні досягнення геодезичної науки та виробництва. Ukrajina: Polytechnic National University, 2021, 1(41), 55-60. ISSN 1819-1339. Dostupné také z:

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