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11. CCM.G-K2 key comparison / Kostelecký, Jakub ; Pálinkáš, Vojtěch
Zdroj: Metrologia
12. Absolute Gravity Measurements in Hungary in 2015, Stations: Sopron-Bánfalva and Sopron-Muck / Kostelecký, Jakub ; Pálinkáš, Vojtěch ; Vaĺko, Miloš
13. 1970 - First Laser Ranging in Czechoslovakia / Kostelecký, Jakub ; Jelínková, Helena ; Novotný, Antonín
14. Using external tropospheric corrections to improve GNSS positioning of hot-air balloon / Václavovic, Pavel ; Douša, Jan ; Eliaš, Michal ; Kostelecký, Jakub
15. Testing of GNSS Multipath in Different Observational Conditions at One Stationary Station / Kostelecký, Jakub ; Kostelecký, Jan ; Václavovic, Pavel
Zdroj: Acta Geodynamica et Geomaterialia
16. Regional comparison of absolute gravimeters, EURAMET.M.G-K2 key comparison / Pálinkáš, Vojtech ; Vaľko, Miloš ; Kostelecký, Jakub
Zdroj: Metrologia
17. Landforms and morphogenetic processes in the locality of Geodetic observatory Pecný, Ondřejovská vrchovina highland / Kostelecký, Jakub ; Kalvoda, Jan ; Steklá, Tereza
Zdroj: Acta Universitatis Carolinae Gegraphica
18. Dataset of GNSS data from tracking stations of International GNSS Service in the Czech Republic - 2017 / Kostelecký, Jakub
19. Dataset of GNSS data from stations of PPGNet network in Greece - 2017 / Kostelecký, Jakub ; Plicka, Vladimír ; Sokos, Efthimios
20. Dataset of GNSS data from stations of EUREF Permanent Network in the Czech Republic - 2017 / Kostelecký, Jakub ; Blahůt, Jan ; Řezníček, Jan

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