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NWM forecast monitoring with near real-time GNSS products
Douša, J. ; Václavovic, P. ; Krč, P. ; Eliaš, M. ; Eben, K. ; Resler, J. ; 5th International Colloquium Scientific and Fundamental Aspects of the Galileo Programme

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During the last two decades, Global Navigation Satel- lite System (GNSS) has proved to be a highly efficient and weather-independent technique for monitoring the state of the troposphere. The GNSS-based tropo- spheric products estimated in near real-time (90min delay) within the E-GVAP project ( are today operationally assimilated into numerical weather forecasting systems at several meteorologi- cal institutions. Ultra-fast (sub-hourly) or even real- time GNSS tropospheric products are also available from several analysis centers now, see the Real- Time Demonstration campaign of the GNSS4SWEC project ( However, (near) real-time ground-based GNSS tropospheric products can be also useful for the monitoring or long-term assessment of the quality of numerical weather predictions (NWP). We initiated a routine derivation of GNSS tropospheric parameters from the high-resolution NWP model, and we assess the quality of the prediction length with re- spect to the GNSS products. A potential of NWP- based tropospheric corrections for utilization in GNSS real-time applications, such as positioning, navigation and timing, is evaluated.

Citation: DOUŠA, Jan, Pavel VÁCLAVOVIC, Kryštof EBEN, Pavel KRČ a Jaroslav RESLER. NWM forecast monitoring with near real-time GNSS products. In: 5th International Colloquium Scientific and Fundamental Aspects of the Galileo Programme [online]. Braunschweig, 2015, 1 s. [cit. 2019-02-06]. Dostupné z:
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