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Study on optimal temporal approximation of meteorological and tropospheric parameters
Eliaš, Michal ; Douša, Jan ; Šolc, Jakub ; 26th IUGG GENERAL ASSEMBLY

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Over the past few years, the attention was paid for an optimal modelling of tropospheric corrections in support of GNSS position- ing and navigation. For this purpose, data from numerical weather models are more and more utilized. Because of a large volume of data, several approximations are commonly applied for an ef- fective provision of meteorological and tropospheric parameters for a GNSS signal path delay calculation. First, vertical approxima- tion is useful to significantly reduce the amount of NWM data to a two-dimensional field at a reference level. This approximation is usually based on model algorithms approximating the physics of the atmosphere. Second, the grid spatial approximation is commonly utilized. Although the horizontal resolution is progressively improv- ing, it strongly depends on the available input data from numerical weather field. Third, an approximation in time enables to provide a closed form of the correction model that does not require any additional information about the actual state of the atmosphere. Such temporal approximation usually benefits from results of the individual parameter time-series analysd is using an effective data time-span. Our study focuses on the temporal approximation of selected mete- orological and tropospheric parameters in order to prepare data for other analysis such as tropospheric correction model for positioning and navigation development. First, an effective length of the time- span of input data was assessed. Second, we applied the methods of mathematical statistics on individual parameter time-series and iden- tified those methods that could be helpful for an effective temporal approximation.

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