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Effects of impedance mismatch and coaxial cable length on absolute gravimeters
Křen, Petr ; Vaľko, Miloš ; Mašika, Pavel ; Pálinkáš, Vojtěch

Source: Metrologia : 54(2), s. 161-170 ISSN: 1681-7575

Publication type: anotace
Extent10 stran

RIV: RIV/00025615:_____/17:N0000004; Fulltext: Scopus

Systematic effects of absolute gravimeters have to be investigated to fully utilize the capabilities of absolute gravimeters in metrology and geosciences. We found that for a FG5 gravimeter even a few meter long coaxial cables used for transmission of fringe signal cause systematic features in residuals and errors at the level of 1-2 µGal. In this paper we present experimental results and appropriate models for explanation of these effects that were found to be caused by impedance mismatches of electronic components and dispersion effects in coaxial cables of gravimeters.
Keywords: absolute gravimeter ; laser interferometry ; dispersion ; impedance mismatch

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