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Regional comparison of absolute gravimeters, EURAMET.M.G-K2 key comparison
Pálinkáš, Vojtěch ; Vaľko, Miloš ; Kostelecký, Jakub

Source: Metrologia : 54(1A) ISSN: 0026-1394

Publication type: článek v časopise
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Autorů celkem: 37; RIV: RIV/00025615:_____/17:N0000006

In the framework of the regional EURAMET.M.G-K2 comparison of absolute gravimeters, 17 gravimeters were compared in November 2015. Four gravimeters were from different NMIs and DIs, they were used to link the regional comparison to the CCM.G.K2 by means of linking converter. Combined least-squares adjustments with weighted constraint was used to determine KCRV. Several pilot solutions are presented and compared with the official solution to demonstrate influences of different approaches (e.g. definition of weights and the constraint) on results of the adjustment. In case of the official solution, all the gravimeters are in equivalence with declared uncertainties.
Keywords: absolutní gravimetr ; gravimetrie

Citation: PÁLINKÁŠ, Vojtěch, Miloš VAĽKO a Jakub KOSTELECKÝ. Regional comparison of absolute gravimeters, EURAMET.M.G-K2 key comparison. Metrologia. Spojené království Velké Británie a Severního Irska, 2017, 54(1), 26. ISSN 0026-1394. Dostupné z: doi:10.1088/0026-1394/54/1A/07012
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