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Tropospheric Modeling For GPS Positioning Based On Numerical Weather Model
Douša, Jan ; Eliaš, Michal

Zdroj: Družicové metody v geodézii a katastru : (2015), s.5-12
Signatura: 51289

Typ publikace: příspěvek ve sborníku
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Several corrections need to be applied for the calculation of precise position using methods of satellite geodesy. One such correction, referred to as Zenith Tropospheric Delay (ZTD), describes how a signal is affected on its path from a satellite to a ground receiver. The paper focuses on the effective application of Numerical Weather Models (NWM), in particular useful for Global Navigation Satellite Systems, as one of the most important meteorological data sources related to the computation of ZTD. Recently, we introduced a new concept for modeling tropospheric wet delay (ZWD) using a full vertical profile of NWM model. In this paper we focus on summarization of selected background information related to the development of blind model that includes temporal approximation in order to be independent of an actual information about the whole atmosphere. Summary of widely used models is provided. Even though the precision of position is less accurate as compared with that achieved when us
Klíčová slova: GNSS ; troposphere modelling ; precise point positioning ; numerical weather model

Citace: DOUŠA, Jan a Michal ELIAŠ. Tropospheric Modeling For GPS Positioning Based On Numerical Weather Model. In: Družicové metody v geodézii a katastru. Brno: Econ Publishing, 2015, s. 5-12. ISBN 978-80-86433-59-2.
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