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Development Towards Advanced GNSS Data Quality Monitoring
Václavovic, P. ; Douša, J.

Source: Družicové metody v geodézii a katastru : (2015), s.76-81
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Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) has been developing rapidly. Besides full constellation systems, such as GPS and GLONASS, Chinese system BeiDou and European Galileo has become significant. Together with GNSS, there are also regional augmentations, such as Japanese QZSS or Indian IRNSS. In addition, new modernized satellites observe more than two frequencies. International GNSS service (IGS) initiated global campaign MGEX (multi-GNSS experiment) which is focused on collecting and distributingmulti-GNSS data. Quality control of such data within this campaign is very important. This paper presents the software called Anubis developed for multi-GNSS and multi-frequency data quality monitoring at the Geodetic Observatory Pecny. Its initial purpose is to provide data quantity and quality monitoring stored in RINEX 2.xx and 3.xx formats. Supported with relevant navigation messages, Anubis can performs single point positioning and provides GNSS data characteristics in elevation and
Keywords: GNSS ; multipath ; cycle slip ; C++ ; quality control

Citation: VÁCLAVOVIC, Pavel a Jan DOUŠA. Development Towards Advanced GNSS Data Quality Monitoring. In: Družicové metody v geodézii a katastru. Brno: Econ publishing, 2015, s. 76-81. ISBN 978-80-86433-59-2.
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