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Systematic errors of mapping functions which are based on the VMF1 concept
Zus, F . ; Dick, G. ; Douša, J. ; Wickert, J.

Source: GPS solutions : 19(2):277-286 ISSN: 1521-1886
Signature: 495333

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Precise global navigation satellite system (GNSS) positioning requires an accurate mapping function (MF) to model the tropospheric delay. To date, the most accurate MF is the Vienna mapping function 1 (VMF1). It utilizes data from a numerical weather model and therefore captures the short-term variability of the atmosphere. Still, the VMF1, or any other MF that is based on the VMF1 concept, is a parameterized mapping approach, and this means that it is tuned for specific elevation angles, station heights, and orbital altitudes. In this study, we analyze the systematic errors caused by such tuning on a global scale. We find that, in particular, the parameterization of the station height dependency is a major concern regarding the application in complexterrain or airborne applications. At this time, we do not provide an improved parameterized mapping approach to mitigate the systematic errors but instead we propose a (ultra-) rapid direct mapping approach, the so-called Potsdam mapping
Keywords: Mapping functions ; Numerical weather model ; Precise positioning ; Rapid direct mapping

Citation: DOUŠA, Jan, Galina DICK, Jeans WICKERT a Florian ZUS. Systematic errors of mapping functions which are based on the VMF1 concept. GPS Solutions [online]. Berlín: Springer Verlag, 2015, 2015, 19(2), 277-286 [cit. 2019-01-18]. DOI: 10.1007/s10291-014-0386-4. ISSN 1080-5370. Dostupné z:
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