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Určovanie parametra skutočnej dĺžky dňa z meraní DORIS a analýza jeho časových radov
Buday, Michal ; Štěpánek, Petr ; Eliáš, Michal ; Filler, Vratislav

Publication type: článek v časopise
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"Doppler Orbitography and Radiopositioning Integrated by Satellite (DORIS) is one of the modern methods of the Space Geodesy. The estimation of the Length of the Day parameter (LOD) is introduced using the assumption that the values of other high correlated parameters are fixed. The outcome values of the estimated LOD parameter for the nine-year period are compared with the reference model IERS C04 provided by the International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service. The mean residual value between the LOD parameter determined from DORIS measurements and the value obtained from the IERS C04 model is 0.03 ms and the standard deviation is 0.15 ms. Using spectral and harmonic analysis, we compared the periods and amplitudes of the LOD time series, obtained from DORIS measurement and the reference model. Based on our results the amplitude of the semi-annual period signal is almost identical to IERS CO4 model whilst the amplitude of the annual period signal differs by 10 %. In case of difference between DORIS and IERS C04 the annual period represents a dominant signal."
Keywords: the least squares method ; position ; height ; LOD value ; cartographic projection

Citation: BUDAY, Michal, Michal ELIAŠ, Vratislav FILLER a Petr ŠTĚPÁNEK. Určovanie parametra skutočnej dĺžky dňa z meraní DORIS a analýza jeho časových radov. Geodetický a kartografický obzor. Česká republika, 2017, 63(105)(8), 153-160. ISSN 1805-7446. Dostupné také z:
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