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000193570 24510 $$aDigitization of Old Globes by a Photogrammetric Method
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000193570 5203_ $$9eng$$aThis chapter describes a method of digitization of old globes, including a method that allows the general public access to the digitalized globes via the Internet. The goal is to develop the technologies that enable the use of old globes in their digital form online. This will provide an opportunity to study the old globes located in various historical collections and allow the public to compare them with current or old maps and globes without visiting the collection. The digitization is done by a photogrammetric method using an original device designed for this purpose. This device allows for digitizing globes with a diameter ranging from 5 to 120 cm. This chapter presents two approaches to digital raster data processing necessary for georeferencing. The accuracy of georeferencing of the digital image corresponds to the accuracy of the map base on the globe. The digitalized globes can be compared with current map data or with other old maps and globes by increasing the transparency of individual layers. The chapter includes examples of digitized globes and shows how to access the models via the Internet.
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000193570 7001_ $$aHavrlant, Jan
000193570 7001_ $$aTalich, Milan
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