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SGNoise - a tool for the ambient noise level analysis at superconducting gravimeter stations
Pálinkáš, Vojtěch ; Vaľko, Miloš

Zdroj: Studia Geophysica et Geodaetica : 59, 2017, 12s. ISSN: 1573-1626

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The SGNoise represents a web tool for the near real-time analysis of data from superconducting gravimeters (SGs). Gravity residuals are computed on daily basis from raw SG data (1 sec sampling rate) and analysed/visualized in time and frequency domain. It fulfils the main goal of the SGNoise - automatic data quality control of continuously operating geophysical instruments which provides a helpful service for operators and data users. The data quality quantification is represented by the evaluation of ambient noise level at SG stations by spectral analysis of gravity residuals and its visualization through spectrograms and probability density functions. Among others, it provides a possibility for comparison of noise levels at SG stations as demonstrated for Pecný, Wettzell and Strasbourg stations which are included in the SGNoise service at The SGNoise program package is written in PHP5 using the GD graphical library.

Citace: PÁLINKÁŠ, Vojtěch a Miloš VAĽKO. SGNoise - a tool for the ambient noise level analysis at superconducting gravimeter stations. Studia Geophysica et Geodaetica [online]. Česká republika, (59), 12 s. [cit. 2019-01-18]. DOI: 10.1007/s11200-014-0928-9. ISSN 1573-1626. Dostupné z:

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