Bibliografie VÚGTK –results of the project Cartographic sources as a cultural heritage
Antoš, Filip ; Böhm, Ondřej ; Havrlant, Jan ; Talich, Milan ; Vacková, Klára ; Soukup, Lubomír

Publication type: audiovizuální tvorba

Chartae is not only databases with the digitized old maps, atlases and globes. It is useful tool which provide new-generation services to the scholarly and amateur community. It is an expert system of knowledge in the form of a web portal whose main component is a set of on-line tools for processing, publication and usage of old maps, plans, atlases and globes. It contains results of the research of the new methods and technologies of digitization to enable access and use of the old Cartographic sources. In addition, it contains about 50 thousand old maps and one hundred 3D models of old globes.

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