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A two-stage tropospheric correction model combining data from GNSS and numerical weather model
Douša, Jan ; Eliaš, Michal ; Václavovic, Pavel ; Eben, Kryštof ; Krč, Pavel

Source: GPS Solutions : 22. (3), 13s. ISSN: 1080-5370
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We have developed a new concept for providing tropospheric augmentation corrections. The two-stage correction model combines data from a Numerical Weather Model (NWM) and precise ZTDs estimated from Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) permanent stations in regional networks. The first-stage correction is generated using the background NWM forecast only. The second-stage correction results from an optimal combination of the background model data and GNSS (near) real-time tropospheric products. The optimum correction is achieved when using NWM for the hydrostatic delay modeling and for vertical scaling, while GNSS products are used for correcting the non-hydrostatic delay. The method is assessed in several variants including study of the combination of NWM and GNSS data, spatial densification of the original NWM grid, and GNSS ZTD densification using tropospheric linear horizontal gradients. The first-stage correction can be characterized by overall accuracy of about 10 mm for ZTD (1-sigma). The second-stage correction supported with GNSS tropospheric products improved the first-stage correction by a factor of 2–4 in terms of the ZTD accuracy and by a factor of 2.5 in terms of its spatio-temporal stability.

Citation: DOUŠA, Jan, Michal ELIAŠ a Pavel VÁCLAVOVIC. A two-stage tropospheric correction model combining data from GNSS and numerical weather model. GPS Solutions [online]. Spolková republika Německo, 2018, 22(3), 13 stran [cit. 2019-06-11]. DOI: 10.1007/s10291-018-0742-x. ISSN 1080-5370. Dostupné z:
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