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Comment on 'Relativistic theory of the falling retroreflector gravimeter'
Pálinkáš, Vojtěch

Source: Metrologia : 55 (2), s.314-315 ISSN: 0026-1394

Publication type: článek v odborném časopise
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In the paper by Ashby (2018 Metrologia 55 1-10) the correction due to the time delay of light propagated through the prism retroreflector of absolute gravimeters is discussed. Accordingly, the correction of about -6.8 microgal should be applied for a typical gravimeter such as the most precise FG5(X) gravimeter declaring standard uncertainty at the level of 2 microgal. In consequence, the present gravimetric results related to the Kibble balance or the global absolute gravity reference system should be significantly changed. However, such a change needs a deeper scientific consensus. In our comment, we would like to show that the proposed correction should not be applied since the author's consideration is incorrect.

Citation: PÁLINKÁŠ, Vojtěch. Comment on 'Relativistic theory of the falling retroreflector gravimeter'. Metrologia [online]. Spojené království Velké Británie a Severního Irska, 2018, 55(2), 314-315 [cit. 2019-06-18]. DOI: 10.1088/1681-7575/aaac46. ISSN 0026-1394. Dostupné z:

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