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New Adaptable All-in-One Strategy for Estimating Advanced Tropospheric Parameters and Using Real-Time Orbits and Clocks
Douša, Jan ; Nesvadba, Otakar ; Václavovic, Pavel ; Zhao, Lewen ; Kačmařik, Michal

Zdroj: Remote Sensing : 10. (2), s.21 ISSN: 2072-4292

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We developed a new strategy for a synchronous generation of real-time (RT) and near real-time (NRT) tropospheric products. It exploits the precise point positioning method with Kalman filtering and backward smoothing, both supported by real-time orbit and clock products. The strategy can be optimized for the latency or the accuracy of NRT production. In terms of precision, it is comparable to the traditional NRT network solution using deterministic models in the least-square adjustment. Both RT and NRT solutions provide a consistent set of tropospheric parameters such as zenith total delays, horizontal tropospheric gradients and slant delays, all with a high resolution and optimally exploiting all observations from available GNSS multi-constellations. As the new strategy exploits RT processing, we assessed publicly precise RT products and results of RT troposphere monitoring. The backward smoothing applied for NRT solution, when using an optimal latency of 30 min, reached an improvement of 20% when compared to RT products. Additionally, multi-GNSS solutions provided more accurate (by 25%) tropospheric parameters, and the impact will further increase when constellations are complete and supported with precise models and products. The new strategy is ready to replace our NRT contribution to the EUMETNET EIG GNSS Water Vapour Programme (E-GVAP) and effectively support all modern multi-GNSS tropospheric products.

Citace: DOUŠA, Jan, Pavel VÁCLAVOVIC, Lewen ZHAO a Michal KAČMAŘÍK. New Adaptable All-in-One Strategy for Estimating Advanced Tropospheric Parameters and Using Real-Time Orbits and Clocks. Remote Sensing [online]. Švýcarská federace, 2018, 10(2), 21 [cit. 2019-11-18]. DOI: 10.3390/rs10020232. ISSN 2072-4292. Dostupné z:

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