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On the determination of verticality and Eötvös effects in absolute gravimetry
Pálinkáš, Vojtěch

Zdroj: Metrologia : 55. (4), s.451-459 ISSN: 0026-1394

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We present a new method for an accurate alignment of the verticality in absolute gravimeters with macroscopic objects that allows simultaneous determination of the Eötvös effect. The method is based on measurements of lateral motions of freely falling objects by a position sensitive detector and has been experimentally used for one FG5 and one FG5X gravimeter. As for the verticality effect, we show that the current method (using alcohol pool) is insufficient and that systematic errors exceeding 1 µGal might be expected, as demonstrated for FG5X-251. The new method of verticality alignment based on minimizing the measured lateral accelerations allows to reduce systematic errors to about 0.1 µGal. Moreover, the measurements/underlying the alignment can be used for determination of the Eötvös effect that depends on the lateral velocity of the falling object in the east-west direction. The results for two FG5(X) gravimeters are presented, with Eötvös effects below 1 µGal that, however, cause biased gravity values so that relevant corrections should be applied. The method we are presenting does not allow to determine the verticality and Eötvös effects for particular drops in a measurement mode of a gravimeter. To do so, optical paths in the interferometer should have to be re-designed. Nevertheless, it is possible to determine both effects with a standard uncertainty better than 0.2 µGal using less than 50 drops carried out in a non-measurement mode.

Citace: PÁLINKÁŠ, Vojtěch. On the determination of verticality and Eötvös effects in absolute gravimetry. Metrologia [online]. Spojené království Velké Británie a Severního Irska, 2018, 55(4), 451-459 [cit. 2019-11-19]. DOI: 10.1088/1681-7575/aac522. ISSN 0026-1394. Dostupné z:

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