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Hidden Grey Heritage of Science and Research from Pre-Internet Era
Drozda, Jiří ; Klozová, Tereza

ISSN: 1386-2316

Typ publikace: konferencni prispevky
Rozsah: 173 stran

Our article addresses challenges concerning the availability of Czech grey literature documents from pre-internet time. Such documents form the grey heritage of science and research. Their importance is not widely accepted and they are often seen as outdated and as such they are at risk of being discarded. The situation is usually worsened by the low quality of the metadata accompanying those documents. Due to the obsolete or not existing metadata documents often fall out of modern shared library systems and their availability further deteriorates. Detailed observations of the situation of small specific specialized library with complicated and long time span institution history (1918-) lead to the widespread sources of uncovered grey literature discovered. Library collection evidence gaps are described including its reasons and range. The situation is documented and concrete examples are provided. Using documentary analysis some solution concepts are proposed. The main aim is to increase the basic visibility and thus possibility of higher quality processing of this hidden literature with reasonable investments.

Citace: DROZDA, Jiří a Tereza KLOZOVÁ. Hidden Grey Heritage of Science and Research from Pre-Internet Era. In: Twenty-First International Conference on Grey Literature “Open Science Encompasses New Forms of Grey Literature”. Amsterdam: TextRelease, 2019. ISSN 1386-2316.

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