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Scale in DORIS solutions (downweighting and elevation cut off)
Štěpánek, Petr

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The recent operational series show very good agreement of GSC and GRG scale. GOP is about 5-10 mm higher and IGN + INA are more than 10 mm higher. GOP residual analysis show systematic effects in post-fit observation residuals, dependent on the observation elevation. The single-satellite solutions result in better mutual scale agreement for elevation cut off 10 deg than for elevation cut off 7 deg. This agreement is also improved by data elevation dependent downweighting. GOP experiments presentation was followed by combination center (CC) results for time period 2018.0-2019.0. Sinex files of single- and multi-satellite solution from analysis center GOP and GRG were processed by standard routines of CC. The scale for single-satellite solutions was within 7.4 mm for GOP and 7.6 mm for GRG. For multi-satellite solution, GOP scale reached 8.07±1.43 mm and GRG scale reached 3.50± 1.20 mm.

Citation: ŠTĚPÁNEK, Petr. Scale in DORIS solutions (downweighting and elevation cut off). 2019.

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