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The Demarcation of The Czechoslovak Border in The Period 1918-1924
Drozda, Jiří ; Paulus, Filip ; Steinová, Šárka

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Whole Europe has undergone two bloody conflicts in the last century. Both conflicts evoked the subsequent changes in the political and geographic arrangement in Europe. There was a collapse of the Austria-Hungarian Monarchy in Central Europe after the end of World War. New successor states engendered and their basic aim was the definition of their own territory. On the political level within the Saint-Germain peace treaty, on the basis of “historical” borders and on geographical level their real demarcation in the field. Leaving aside the political discrepancies in determining of the new borders of the Czechoslovak State (Vitogradsko, Kłodzko) and a short war on the Czech-Polish border in the area of Těšín/Ciezyn (in January 1919) establishing of new boundaries in terrain was technically and organizationally a really challenging task. So called “Paris Conference of Ambassadors” was created, whose main task was the definition of new the state border in terrain and solving minor territorial disputes. At the same time the Paris Conference of Ambassadors was the superior body to the Delimitations Commissions that staking-out the boundary line in the field and built up border stones.(Smida, 2016) For precise measuring over the borders the historical materials were used and of course all documents of field work were handled in the border report that became the basis documents for the later maintenance of the border maintenance (Instrukce,1938). These materials are part of “Vaclav Roubik s Archive” kept in the Czech National Archive. This archive pool consists of different government documents, plans and map sheets, demarcated sections, original hand written map sheets to the disputed Těšín/Ciezyn region with the calculations of polygonal points of individual border stones, surveyors walking logs on the Czech-Saxony border and many other historical materials. The aim of the paper is to present extensive documentary materials from the building of the Czechoslovak border in the period 1918-1924 that are a testament to the technical and professional prowess of Czech surveyors.

Citace: DROZDA, Jiří, Filip PAULUS a Šárka STEINOVÁ. The Demarcation of The Czechoslovak Border in The Period 1918-1924. 2019.

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