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Improved measurement model for FG5/X gravimeters
Pálinkáš, Vojtech ; Miloš Vaľko

Source: Measurement : 171. (únor2021), 9s. ISSN: 0263-2241

Publication type: článek v časopise
Extent9 stran

Absolute gravimeters are instruments that realize reference measurements of the free-fall acceleration, at present by tracking the freely falling objects using interferometry. The functional model of measurements of absolute gravimeters contains parameters related to the model of the local gravity field as well as to the model of particular instrumental effects. In this paper, we show an improvement of the measurement model of absolute gravimeters based on laser interferometry, by an enhanced description of instrumental effects. Namely, a more precise description of the demodulation of the interferometric signal is presented as well as a newly discovered and explained parasitic signal due to the dropping mechanism of FG5 and FG5X (FG5/X) gravimeters. These improvements can be easily incorporated into the measurement model allowing to obtain more accurate and more stable results for g-values needed for various geophysical and metrological applications requiring the highest level of accuracy.

Citation: PÁLINKÁŠ, Vojtech, Miloš VAĽKO, P. KŘEN a P. MAŠIKA. Improved measurement model for FG5/X gravimeters. Measurement [online]. 2021, 171(ú2021), 9 stran [cit. 2021-08-02]. ISSN 02632241. Dostupné z: doi:10.1016/j.measurement.2020.108739

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