European GNSS troposphere monitoring for meteorological applications
Douša, Jan ; Bezděka, Petr ; Václavovic, Pavel ; Guerova, Guergana

Anotace: Near real-time GNSS double-difference network processing is a traditional method still used within the EUMETNET EIG GNSS Water Vapour Programme (E-GVAP) for the atmosphere water vapour content monitoring in support of Numerical Weather Prediction. The standard production relies on estimating zenith tropospheric path delays (ZTDs) for GNSS ground stations with a 1-hour time resolution and a latency of 90 minutes. The Precise Point Positioning (PPP) method in real-time mode has reached the reliability and the accuracy comparable to the near real-time solution. The effectiveness of the PPP method relies on exploiting undifferenced observations from individual receivers, thus optimal use of all tracked systems, observations and signal bands, possible in-situ processing, high temporal resolution of estimated parameters and almost without any latency. The solution may implicitly include horizontal tropospheric gradients and slant tropospheric path delays for enabling the monitoring of a local asymmetry of the troposphere around each individual site. We have been estimating ZTD and gradients in real-time continuously since 2015 with a limited number of stations. Recently, the solution has been extended to a pan-European and global production consisting of approximately 200 stations. The real-time product has been assessed cross-comparing ZTDs and horizontal gradients at 11 collocated stations and by validating real-time ZTDs with respect to the final post-processing products.

Citace: BEZDĚKA, Petr, Jan DOUŠA, Pavel VÁCLAVOVIC a Guergana GUEROVA. European GNSS troposphere monitoring for meteorological applications. In: IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science; 7th World Multidisciplinary Earth Sciences Symposium, WMESS 2021. IOP Publishing, 2021, 11 stran. ISSN 1755-1307. Dostupné z: doi:10.1088/1755-1315/906/1/012058

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