Galileo Open Service Navigation Performance Monitoring Supported by RIGTC/GOP
Douša, Jan ; Bezděka, Petr ; Kala, Michael ; Václavovic, Pavel ; Zhao, Lewen

Annotation: Geodetic Observatory Pecný (GOP) of the Research Institute of Geodesy, Topography and Cartography (RIGTC) contributes to the monitoring navigation performance of the Galileo Open Service Signal in Space within the Member States support of the Galileo Reference Centre. GOP contribution consists of the three main tasks: 1) monitoring the quality of multiGNSS data stemming from about 65 reference stations, 2) generating consolidated navigation files and reference GPS and Galileo satellites orbit and clock products with a latency of 6 and 42 hours, and 3) estimating key-parameter indicators for the Galileo OS navigation performance monitoring. The GOP chain of monitoring processes and all mandatory inputs is independent from other contributions in terms of the tools (G-Nut software), reference products rapid precise satellite orbits and clocks), and consolidated broadcast navigation data (BRDC files).

Citation: DOUŠA, Jan, Petr BEZDĚKA, Michael KALA, Pavel VÁCLAVOVIC a Lewen ZHAO. Galileo Open Service Navigation Performance Monitoring Supported by RIGTC/GOP. In: ICL-GNSS-WiP 2021 Work-in-Progress at International Conference on Localization and GNSS 2021. 2021, 10 stran. ISSN 1613-0073. Dostupné také z:

Extent: 10 stran
Publication type: sbornikove prispevky

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