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Gravity aspects suggest that Isidis basin is buried volcano
Kostelecký, Jan ; Bezděk, Aleš ; Kletetschka, Gunther ; Klokočník, Jaroslav

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We use the gravity aspects (descriptors) to study features on Mars. They are derived from the gravity field models of Mars (sets of spherical harmonic expansion of disturbing gravitational potential in terms of harmonic coefficients, also known as Stokes parameters). Results: Gravity aspects revealed significant local observation near large basins and volcanoes of Mars. Specifically, around Syrtis Major/Isidis there are positive parameters related to first and second derivatives of gravity potential (Δgand Tzz, respectively), which shows dilation crustal state in parameter virtual deformation inside and compressional state outside, and positive invariants of the Marussi tensor, altogether symptoms of significant volcanic expression (e.g. Olympus Monsor Elysium). Discussion: While Isidis is a topographical low; it displays the gravity signature consistent with a volcanic structure. Topographically higher zone is located west of the low part of Isidis and this has pattern of a shield volcano. This is in contrast with general view that Isidis structure is an impact basin.

Citation: KOSTELECKÝ, Jan, Aleš BEZDĚK, Gunther KLETETSCHKA a Jaroslav KLOKOČNÍK. Gravity aspects suggest that Isidis basin is buried volcano. 2021. Dostupné také z:

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